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Wasp Nest

A very beautiful delicate structure often in lofts or void spaces.

Watch a wasp colony

Wasp Sting

These hurt, small raised lumps with a puncture wound in the centre.

info on stings

Flea Bites

Small raised bites that itch with no visible puncture wound, often found on the lower part of the body

flea bite info

Rat Hole

Generally the size of a standard aerosol can, can be found inside and out. Edges are often smooth from constant use.

Details of Rodents in the garden

Bed Bug Bites

Misshaped raised red marks that irritate, can be found anywhere on the body but tend to be on the torso.

A little extreme but worth a watch

Mouse Droppings

Small dark droppings randomly spaced wherever mice walk.

A little bit of info

Rat Droppings

Larger than a grain of rice these dark droppings are often found in and around the same vicinity as rats tend to leave them in the same area each time.

A little bit bigger information

Mouse Hole

Small holes, probably smaller that you think they can be found anywhere often have a dark smear from repeated use.

A mouse in the house

Bed Bug

This nocturnal bug can often be found on or around your bed, they can fit into the smallest space including the creases on the corners of the mattress, skirting boards, light fittings and alarm clocks.

Seeking them out

Mouse nest

Mice will use various things to insulate their nest, anything that can be dragged into their nest will be used. it will just look like a bundle if rubbish.

Finding their nest isn't easy

Damage to wires

Rodents really enjoy gnawing on electrical cables, this can lead to electrical failure or even fire.

A little light reading

Damage to food containers

Rodents are capable of gnawing through wood so cardboard boxes and paper bags are no match for them. If there is food available they WILL get into it.

Something for you to digest